Total Members: 1172 | Total Paid: 4155180 mXVP

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How Does It Works?

1) Register an account for free.

2) Login to your account and solve the Captcha and Earn fee Virtacoins Plus.

3) Send a Withdrawal request.

What is it - Virtacoin Plus (XVP)?

VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin.

Where i can exchange VirtaCoin Plus (XVP)?

VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is trading on the Markets.

Where i can get VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) wallet?

VirtaCoinPlus (XVP) Desktop Wallets, Online wallet and App wallet for Android can be found by CLICKING HERE.

What is a minimum for payment request?

At this moment it is 1025 mXVP.
1 XVP = 1000 mXVP

Can i earn from my referrals?

At this moment there is 100% earnings from Your referrals.

Can i have more than 1 account on

No, allows only one account per person.

Can i use on my smartphone?

Yes, You can try our app for Android.